St. Basil of Ostrog - Celebrated on April 29th   Sv Basil of Ostrog

St. Matthew, in his gospel, records that after the resurrection of the Lord Jesus “many bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep were raised” and there were reports from those who had seen them. In every generation the Lord raises up men, women and children to be witnesses to His Resurrection by the holiness of their lives and some by their sacrificial death. And there are some saints whose holy lives blossomed forth so to speak, after their deaths in that their relics became famous for the many miracles associated with prayers of intercession offered by pilgrims. St. Basil of Ostrog is among these “Wonder-workers,” a vessel through which Jesus Christ the God-Man reveals Himself.

St. Basil was born in a village in Hercegovina and was drawn to an ascetic life from a young age. He became a monk and later was consecrated a bishop, strengthening his flock while continuing to live a monastic life. He reposed peacefully in 1671 at the Monastery of Ostrog, Montenegro. Immediately after his death people began streaming to his grave to pray and miracles began taking place.  These continue to the present day. And these miracles are by no means limited to this place. St. Basil became known around the world as Serbian immigrants continued to pray to their God-bearing father, to celebrate his feast day and to dedicate churches to him.

            “God is wonderful in His Saints.” (Psalm 67 LXX)

--Mother Sophronia 

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